Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Russian Frankenstein

The Russian Frankenstein and his monster. "Punch". 1854. Detail.

Despite a high interest in watching the spectacular achievements of the athletes at this years' Olympics, its impossible for me to keep watching the tv, as I'm rapt with attention on Russia's Georgian Anschloss.

In today's NY Times, former Soviet Premier Mikail Gorbachev, performed a perfect example of "1984" reversal of truth in depicting Georgia as the aggressor, when in fact Russia provoked Georgia's ill-planned response to the South Ossetian's rocket firings on Georgia, by arming and abetting the S. Ossetian rebels; amassing its troops on the border; and then invading Georgia's sovereign territory.

I do have this view that a cat is a cat, and that Russia, despite all the changes that the West perceived to have taken place, is still the same old Russia as was depicted by "Punch" back in 1854.
Flush with energy money, a revitalized military, a backwards path on democracy, a complacent Europe, a distracted and spread-thin US, and last, but not least,, an overwhelming arsenal of tactical nuclear missiles (so much for unilateral disarmament as a negotiating strategy by the US - more to be discussed on a later post), Russia has planned and unleashed it's latest Evil-Empire assault on the world.

Russia's latest example of its duplicity and real design, is its apparent recognition of South Ossetia, and Abkhazia. That and its continued entrenchment in Georgia, demonstrate Russia's real goal of territorial expansion.

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