Monday, September 28, 2009

President Obama - Commander-In Chief....

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....
Sometimes it's really difficult to decide.

Our Commander-In Chief; Leader of the Free World; Smartest President-Ever; the Post-Partisan, Post-Racial, Post-Politics-As-Usual President; and he simply can't separate the wheat from the chaff on his to-do list?

During the election, and it seems ever after, he dubbed Afghanistan the "right war", a "war of necessity".  The Iraq war was the "wrong war", a war of choice, a "diversion".

In March, he stated that a new strategy for Afghanistan had been put in place (but not detailed), he speeded up the troop buildup that Bush had ordered, and then swapped out the on the ground commander, appointing his own choice; Gen. McChrystal an experienced and superb Commander, well suited for the task.

The new Commander immediately got to work and advised us that there actually wasn't any new strategy, but that he was going to jump in, study the situation, and develop one.  By August, he had the analysis, a new plan, and a specific request for more troops, and sent it up to Washington.  It's been sitting in the Pentagon, because the Commander-In-Chief  doesn't want to be be disturbed with the facts while, he's trying to figure out the politics of his decision.  President Obama has spoken with his Commander, General McChrystal, only once in seventy days!  One pundit suggested that the President has probably spoken with Chicago Mayor Daley seventy times in the past few weeks about the Olympic bid.

My three years service in the US Army did not make me an expert on military strategy, life, however, has made me somewhat ‘expert’ in how to accomplish goals and objectives.  Absent being able to clearly and persuasively state the later two elements regarding Afghanistan, accomplishment of any meaningful achievement there will never be attained by President Obama, who appears more than feckless at this point; standing with his wet fingertip in the wind, contemplating the 2010 election and attempting to gauge from which direction, and at what strength, the political winds are blowing.  Meanwhile, American troop continue in harm’s way and are sacrificed.

President Obama is not proving himself a Commander that I would want to serve under, and my heart goes out to our brave troops in harms way who are dutifully watching this charade play out.

Mr. President, do not give us another Viet-Nam.  Bring the troops home if you don't have the will to do the task at hand.

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