Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mortgage Outrage

Had enough and can't take it anymore?
Don't get angry......get a bumper sticker.

With rising anger over Barack Obama's plan to make other people pay for deadbeat's mortgages, Tennessee’s Republican Party is trying to tap into the resentment that some Americans are feeling about the Obama administration’s foreclosure prevention program.
The Nashville-based GOP organization is selling bumper stickers readingHONK If you’re paying my mortgage.In the first five days more than 4,000 had been purchased, according to Bill Hobbs, the party’s spokesman. 
He said that this beats the 3,500 stickers the party sold last fall that read "YOUR WALLET The only place Democrats want to drill".
“It was the right time, given all the backlash in the public to the mortgage bailout,” he said.

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