Thursday, October 23, 2008

Al Gore delivers environmental message at Harvard

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Al Gore returned to his alma mater to help Harvard University launch its new greenhouse gas reduction effort.

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The former vice president and 1969 Harvard graduate, told a campus audience on Wednesday that it's time to find ways to make better use of knowledge to save the global environment.
Riffing off Harvard's Latin motto of "truth," he said the challenge is to find truth in the climate crisis and "use that as a basis of a new concept of who we are."
Harvard has a goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2016.
N.B: In Cambridge, the warmest October 22nd occurred in 1979 when the temperature climbed to 83 °F. Well, it doesn't look like what they see today. Even the average high temperature for this day is 60 °F which is still far too high. After the noon, the temperature in Cambridge is 44.5 °F. Tonight, it is predicted to drop to 34 °F, close to the record low of 28 °F measured in 1940.

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