Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Democratic Party 'Great Pretend'

Last night's Democratic Party 'Debate' confirmed the suspicions that I've had since Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy.  He volunteered to take one for the Party.

Hilary has been the selected 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Candidate since 2008.  However, even they couldn't be that disdainfully obvious about it.  Sucker's need to be given some type of ego cover so that they can go back into the crowd smiling after they've been fleeced for the umpteenth time at the Carnival. You do need them to show up again with their wallets the next time the circus is in town.

Bernie Sanders has been the Carnival Barker for the Dem's, working the crowd's anticipation into a crescendo while waiting for the main act to show up.....Hilary.

After a few jesting thrusts, Bernie conceded the Primary race when he said "the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!"

Her glowing smile in response as she said "Thank you! Me too!", said it all.

You can relax now Bernie.....your job here is done.  Now, did you want the Ambassadorship to Russia, or Cuba?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Democratic Debate

Watching last night's Democratic Party debate was the equivalent to walking into an Ice Cream Store and finding out that the only flavor available was 'Tutti-Fruity'.

You could have 'Tutti-Fruity' in a cup, 'Tutti-Fruity' in a sugar-cone, 'Tutti-Fruity' with sprinkles, 'Tutti-Fruity' in a soda, and even 'Tutti-Fruity' sandwiched between two cookies......but no matter which one you chose, it was still basically 'Tutti-Fruity'.

Last night, the only option the Democratic candidates were offering the American voters, was Socialism.

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