Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lobbyists Back! Same Ol', Same Ol'

Some of Obama's best friends (and Administration members) are lobbyists.....

That's why the following was just reported by Roll Call.....
"The White House moved Friday evening to loosen lobbying restrictions related to stimulus funds, lifting the ban on federal lobbyists communicating with agency officials on specific projects for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds."
This Administration is doing everything in a very orderly way, ticking off the to-do list one by one;

  • Unions - "Stimulus bill and the Auto bailouts - check 
  • Baby-Killers - foreign aid restriction lifted, new embryonic stem cell research funded, Notre Dame speech - check; 
  • Environmentalists - new auto mileage standards - check 
  • Rule of law folks - tossed the Chrysler and GM Bondholders for the Unions - double check
  • Bushies - released the "enhanced interrogation" files & hinted at prosecution - check
  • Anti- Illegal Invasion folks - pulled money for fence - double check
  • Hispanics - got the Supreme Court nomination -check 
  • Lobbyists - back on the list - check

The only difference between Biden's, Pelosi's, and Reid's lies and Obama's lies pragmatic deceptions is that Obama doesn't get called out on them.

Let's see if the Main Stream Media reports on this story.

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