Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe

Joe Biden.....Come on Joe, Stand Up.
You gotta love Joe Biden. Whatever's on his mind is on his lips, even if it's in disagreement with his running mate.  

But beyond that, can you imagine the authoritarian rule we'll have here if the Democrats have the majority in the Congress, and have the Presidency.  All the Bi-partisan smokescreens will vanish.  And now the full force of Democrat edict will be upon the land.  No drilling for oil to enable us to bridge the time gap between now, and when we can develop an effective alternative production and distribution system to today's liquid petroleum. Higher taxes.  Less defense, when we're seeing Russia and China significantly build up their military.  Reducing alternatives to today's failing education system.  More open and unprotected borders, when we're being overrun by illegal immigrants and possible terrorists.  A drastic makeover of our health and medical system, when we can't afford it.  Oh, yeah, I can't wait for this to happen

Here's Joe on coal.  Did you know that he had just left Pennsylvania, and had promised more Government funding for clean coal utilization? (and Barack Obama has that as part of his platform)  Words matter.

Speaking of Defense and Obama, here's a few of his comments that don't seem to get much air time.

And a creative response to them....

Bruce Springsteen is 59 today

But we weren't allowed to embed his video here, so..........
We got THE BPA - TOE JAM FEAT. DAVID BYRNE & DIZZEE RASCAL to perform instead.   Somehow I like it better.


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