Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama "Dither's"

The Perfect 'Community Organizer'....

True and principled leaders instinctively understand when events can change the parameters of the game plan, and they act to seize the opportunity to demonstrate their principles.  

If you study Saul Alinsky's prescriptions for Community Organizers, it's all about the tactics of incremental advancement while not exposing your ultimate objective.  President Obama is running true to type.

It's been six day since my last post, and President Obama is still basically voting "Present", as he traditionally did in the the State and Federal Senate.  Never exposing himself, never standing on principle if there was any risk.  

The leader of the Free World is expected to be just that - the Leader.  Asserting the principles of democracy; standing with those people who are attempting to throw off the yoke of oppression, wherever they may be, despite any other particular political agenda that might be in play.

The Clinton team shamelessly scourged themselves for not being on deck for 91, so that they could have had a chance to be able to participate in a truly historical and event instead of Bush.  While people like Neda Soltan are dying attempting to overthrow a truly despotic regime, Obama is standing by, watching to see how the wind blows in Iran, so that he can decide what he should do.

He's the perfect Community Organizer.....unfortunately for us, and the world.

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