Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caroline, The "You Know" Kennedy

Caroline, The Gift Who Keeps On 

It's amazing!  Talk about the audacity of hope!  Here's a woman with limited capabilities - those that allow her to cash in on her family name and provenance, who, along with those in her extended family's business (selling influence), believes that she can just announce her interest in being the Senator from NY, and it should, and will, happen.....just like in Camelot!

First suggestion,  work on public speaking ability.  Even the counter ladies in Saks and Macy's articulate better than she does.  And does she really believe that her books were best seller's?

Listen to her weak rational for seeking the office, as well as the distracting and annoying "you know's" in this interview she gave today....ultimately, she will prove out to be an embarrassment to the Democrats, not an asset.

Listen to the interview here , if it does not show up in your email.

Tony Snow - Man Of The Year 2008

Best of the best! 

Tony Snow
Lynch Report's 
Man Of The Year - 2008
Robert Anthony Snow 
June 1, 1955–July 12, 2008

Like many, I've been scanning through the end of year issues published by many newspapers, magazines, and webzines. Many of them drew up and presented lists of the country's and world's notables who passed on during the year; today's NY Times Sunday magazine was the 15th annual "Lives They Lived" issue, devoted almost entirely to individuals who possessed some unique combination of character or talent that made their passing worth noting by the staff and editors of that well-known but moribund publication.

To my amazement, not one media outlet listed the late Tony Snow as a person worthy of special note.  So, to correct that oversight, we've decided to have Tony as the only person recognized by the Lynch Report.  We miss his charming demeanor, and his ability to deal with contentious issues in a most amiable way, while still ensuring that all the facts were covered - despite the politics.

Tony was named White House Press Secretary to replace an inept Scott McClellan in George Bush's administration.This came a bit of a surprise, as Tony had criticized some of Bush's actions. Bush acknowledged that was one of the reason's he was hired, stating that Snow was "not afraid to express his own opinions".

In addition to being a broadcaster, journalist, and White House Press Secretary, Tony was also an avid musician. Playing the trombone, flute, piccolo, accordion, saxophone and guitar, Tony belonged to a cover band, Beats Workin', which featured fellow Washington-area professionals. Beats Workin' played publicly with a number of rock bands, including Snow's friends Skunk Baxter (The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan) and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, and he was featured on an episode of VH1 Classic's Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp.
But most significant of all of Tony's accomplishments, was his ability to demonstrate to all of us on how to live our lives to the fullest, and how to face the end of our life with not only dignity, but love, purpose, humility, and acceptance.  He was the consummate professional, and role model man.  
Here's Tony playing a little Blues....

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