Friday, August 1, 2008

August 2, 2008 - Weekend Report

Here’s the weekend post.

Everything’s going well; violence is down in Iraq, the Surge troops have left; Congress has adjourned before they could enact any legislation that would screw up the gas price decline trend; McCain didn’t say anything stupid to the Urban League, and his team came up with a pretty snarky commercial…..amazing!

But before we get to the light stuff, an amazing story that proves Jim Jones wasn’t unique, and that the NY Times has been pushing the same line since before the Depression. 'The Forsaken' by Tim Tzouliadis

Eveready Bunny move over!

Old hot, Indian casino’s…new hot, Indian Energy plants…….

What the world looks like naked:

What do you get when you cross a Canadian, an Italian-American, and an Armenian?
No, not that……

Most beautiful place in the US…..

Twenty creative entrepreneurs - Check ‘em out. Your vote counts in the 2008 Forbes Boost Your Business Semi-finalists, a $100,000 Grand Prize to be awarded.

Brian May, the founder of the legendary rock band Queen, is now Dr. May .

What the world looks like naked:

Secret Ingredient ?

Rodrigo Y Gabriela .......Not a cigar


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