Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama wins historic nomination

Obama wins historic nomination

Barack Hussein Obama, a freshman senator who defeated the first family of Democratic Party politics with a call for a fundamentally new course in politics, was nominated by his party today to be the 44th president of the United States.

NATO ships cause alarm in Moscow

Russian commanders said they were growing alarmed at the number of NATO warships sailing into the Black Sea, conceding that NATO vessels now outnumbered the ships in their fleet anchored off the western coast of Georgia.

Russian Missle Ship

Russian official: "Vessels will be visiting Syria and other friendly ports more frequently."

The New Cold War?
Western media have slipped into Cold War rhetoric, portraying Russia as an aggressor vs. Georgia. But that's too facile a view

Georgia: Fallen Star for Investors
War with Russia has hurt Georgia's reputation as a stable investment climate, the best among former Soviet states in the Caucasus

Russia's Achilles Heel
Russia understands that power can be exerted from control of oil and natural gas pipelines, and one of them passes through countries where the U.S. has influence

London Games 2012: Lessons from Beijing
The British capital can't match China for spending or flash. It aims instead to emphasize fun at the 2012 Summer Olympics

The city's mayor, Boris Johnson, summed up the mood: "We've been dazzled, impressed, and blown away by these Beijing Games," he says, adding, "but we've not been intimidated."

Brave words, but the London mayor knows he's got his work cut out to match what International Olympic Committee Chairman Jacques Rogge rightfully called an "extraordinary Games." The British capital has a budget of just over $17 billion to deliver London 2012, compared with the $44 billion that Chinese authorities spent on the Beijing Games. China bulldozed neighborhoods to make way for the Games and throttled factories and driving in a scramble to clean up Beijing's polluted air, but British officials enjoy no such impunity. Indeed, they're already coming up against taxpayer outcry over plans for the Olympic site in East London.


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