Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Traveling

Tropical Storm Fay threw a wrench in our travel plans, but that's ok. It's not as bad as it could have been, and the "wrench" was really great. We wound up staying two extra days with our daughter Ellen, son-in-law Bill, and two of our grand kids, Harry and Danny.

The alternative could have been a long delay at Newark airport, or possible flight cancellation. And if we got back down to Florida safely, we might be sitting in the dark and damp right now. All things considered, all my "wrenches" should have been like this.

I've been attempting to post while traveling, but it hasn't worked well. I'm still learning, and unfortunately, we've been unable to gain access to my daughter's wireless network - a password problem. No one knows it!

So, once back home, I'll see if I can get back in the groove quickly. There's a number of items to comment on and a few interesting bits that I found that you might enjoy.

Stay well, have fun, and com'on back.....

Jim Lynch


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