Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5 to 12 Year Old's Create Songs Fof Obama

It's Miraculous!
This group of 5 to 12 year old's spontaneously got together and crafted a perfectly harmonized song extolling the wonderfulness of Barack Obama.  Amazing!

Nah!  Just more propaganda.  Jeff Zucker is President & CEO of NBC.  He and a bunch of like-minded and savvy folks have figured another way to donate to Obama.  But this is somewhat scary.  It has all the trappings of a church or synagogue recital, but it's for a questionable politician.  Very creepy in it's implications and may provide greater insight to the methodology of the Obama supporters.
Here's the official Obama website story.  You may need to drink some kool-aid first.
Sing for Change chronicles a recent Sunday afternoon in Venice, when 22 children, ages 5-12, gathered to sing original songs in the belief that their singing would lift up our communities for the coming election. 
Sing for Change was a confluence of grassroots work, good will, and shared vision the first of which was the music itself.  Inspired by ideas raised at a grassroots Obama fundraiser, a music teacher, Kathy Sawada, and the children composed and rehearsed the songs in less than two weeks.  Several musicians heard of the effort and volunteered to accompany the children.  Parents and older siblings designed and provided the T-Shirts and the banner.  There’s a first for everything, but rarely do so many firsts come together at once:  for the children and their parents, this is their first performance, first video, first banner, and first involvement with grassroots work on a presidential campaign. As Sunday approached, a neighbor volunteered a home. Production wizards got wind of the project and offered their help in recording it.  The likes of Jeff Zucker, Holly Schiffer, Peter Rosenfeld, Darin Moran, Jean Martin, Andy Blumenthal, and Nick Phoenix rearranged schedules to participate.  Holly Schiffer was able to get three High Definition cameras (Panasonic HVX250’s), and an AVID editing facility.  When Jeff Zucker went to pick up the camera package, Ted Schilowitz happened to be there and offered a RED camera set up on a Steadi Cam. 
What the children and a few adults accomplished in a few hours on a Sunday afternoon embodies the nature of the Obama campaign:  its grassroots inspiration, its inclusiveness, its community building.  People pitched in quickly for a cause that resonated with them.  There were not many conditions: “Think this is a good idea? Want to help? Great. Sunday at 12:00.” At the heart of the project were 22 children and their music.  The willingness of all involved to come together for them was a testament to our hope, unity, courage, joy and belief in the future represented by these children. 


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