Saturday, September 6, 2008

Light entertainment for a Saturday in September

Here's some light entertainment for a Saturday in September....

Category: Documentaries
Gilles Apap is a classically trained French violinist who respects no musical boundaries. He has an unquenchable thirst for music making, and this documentary follows him from his home in Santa Barbara where he enjoys playing Old Timey and Bluegrass music with friends at the local hang, to India, and the serious study of the varied styles of Indian playing. While teaching Western Classical music at the University of Benares, he joyfully explores the wellspring of Indian tradition and innovation, bringing us along for the ride. 

Category: Documentaries
Sampling dishes such as fat-tailed sheep's testicles and picking up recipes from "Dr Dogmeat", food writer Stefan Gates explores some of the most controversial food issues in the world.

In this fascinating BBC series, Gates explores unusual food stories in some of the world's more dangerous places, using food to explore and understand cultures worldwide and the unique challenges these communities face. Join him in Afghanistan, South Korea, Fiji, Uganda and elsewhere, and learn more about the world one meal at a time.
"An insane idea, but a fascinating film," Daily Telegraph 19/07/06

"Terrific reportage: thoughtful, unpatronising and gently provocative," Guardian 22/7/06

"A kind of antidote to the mundanity of the rest of culinary TV," Mail on Sunday 30/7/6

"Deceptively sharp, very funny and gently inquisitive," Guardian 5/5/7
Visit the BBC's Cooking in the Danger Zone page
Stefan Gates online


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