Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Solution to Immigration Problems In The UK

Problem solving UK style....

We've been wrestling with this issue for decades, and still are.
The Brits have come up with some solution to the problem, and
although they have a different set of circumstances being an island,
the solutions seem to have some merit....

The Balanced Migration group is calling for a stop to net immigration:
it proposes that the number of immigrants (from outside the EU) who
are given permission to settle here should be kept to roughly the same
as the number of British citizens who are emigrating. This wouldn’t
affect temporary work permits or family reunion, but it would significantly
cut the population explosion here.

What about all the jobs that immigrants do, and would be 
neglected if the flow of workers was stopped?  

No Problem....there's an ample supply of replacements, 
and this is the part that I love:

The answer is simple. There are already plenty of British citizens here
to do it. I don’t mean the unemployed Britons here, though some of
them might be suitable as well. I mean two other groups. 
The vast army of state sector workers should be redeployed. They
should be allowed to keep their job security, salaries and pensions,
but they should become social care workers. They should, in person,
look after the old, the sick, the mentally ill and the displaced; 


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