Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Two America's ?

Sarah Palin and the Two Americas

It has been interesting the past few days listening and watching the various talking heads (and some family and friends) assess Sarah Palin (but in fact, really using the opportunity to critique John McCain).  McCain's selection of her was so outside even the peripheral vision of the media, that their surprise at the choice seems to leave them no option but to criticize his vetting process.  The bottom line on evaluating his process and selection will come in November.  Thomas Lifson, in the American Spectator, has a critical eye on the media's conundrum situation.......

By Thomas Lifson
Liberals have long lamented the existence of two nations in America. They are right to do so today, but in a way they never meant. It is not the divide between rich and poor which soon will be causing serious pain on the left. Sarah Palin's pending nomination for Vice President is exposing the depth of the cultural divide between Middle America and the leftists who have taken over the education, media, and cultural establishment of our country.

The announcement of Palin's selection by Senator McCain last Saturday reportedly triggered outright laughter in newsrooms across the land, a nearly unanimous opinion that she would be a disaster for McCain.  To the sort of people who believe themselves sophisPalin "scandal" magazine coverticated citizens of the world and feel a sense of pride at saving the planet by purchasing carbon offsets, a woman who has borne five children is incomprehensible. Add in moose-hunting, a champion snowmobiler husband and a pregnant 17 year old daughter, and the phrases "white trash" and "trailer trash" are deployed.

A desperate race is underway, with the liberal media scampering to define Sarah Palin to the public as a dangerous religious fanatic and na├»ve hick, some kind of back woods primitive incapable of effectively discharging the awesome job of president, soon to be thrust upon her as John McCain expires right after his inauguration. Tonight, Governor Palin will have her opportunity to speak directly to the American people, and thanks to the blizzard of critical coverage, she will be no doubt attract an enormous audience.


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