Thursday, October 9, 2008

Louis Farrakhan Declared Barack Obama To Be The Messiah

Louis Farrakhan is free to speak his mind about, and endorse for office, anyone that he chooses.  I support and would defend his right to do so. Farrakhan's pronouncement is not what I see as the issue. It's the comparative coverage by the press 

Can you imagine the indignation and displeasure the mainstream media would report if they had discovered that some preacher up in Alaska had declared Sarah Palin to be like a deity?  I imagine that they would revel in characterizing both the preacher and Palin as weird cultists and she would be deemed a questionable candidate for office 

According to P.J. Gladnick , this pronouncement by Farrakhan was made last February but the video was uploaded to YouTube just yesterday.  


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