Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama's October Surprise?

Every Presidential election seems to either have a significant surprise event on October, or the anticipation of one. This issue was brought to my attention by Skip F. in Charleston, S.C.

The following video details the basis of a lawsuit that was filed in Auguset, 2008, to require Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate. A Constitutional requirement for the Presidency is that the candidate be a natural born citizen.  The contention here is that he is not.......and as a result, is not eligible to run for the office.  It would seem rather easy to dispel this suit, and put the matter to rest.

Here, you decide.  Is this the October surprise?

Here's the position on this issue, as well 
as a second argument has investigated 
regarding his ineligibility due to not fulfilling the 
residency requirements. Seems the case is closed.
Oh, here's his birth certificate ....


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