Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Student Indoctrination and Intimidation

People in Finland know more about how our children are being politically indoctrinated and intimidated than we do.

Why wasn't this reported in our news?  Do you have any idea what your children are being exposed to and indoctrinated in?  Probably not.

This video is from the documentary From Bill to Barack, by Folke RydĂ©n and Bengt Norborg, that aired on election night, Finland’s Swedish language Channel 5.
Thanks to, for this tip.

Here's the transcript, in case you have a difficult time understanding the teacher's English.

Diantha Harris ["Teacher" in Asheville, North Carolina]: We want to talk about the presidential election. OK? But I want to ask you, who are you pulling for? Raise your hands.
[Kids raise their hands.]
Black Boy: Obama

Diantha Harris: You’re pulling for Obama. [Speaking to another student:] Who you’re pulling for? And if you’re pulling for John McCain, that’s fine say him as well. [Black girl makes sure to put her hands down.] Who are you pulling for?
Black Boy: Obama.
White Boy: John McCain
Diantha Harris: John … Oh Lord … John McCain!
White Girl [Kathy]: John McCain
Diantha Harris: Oh Jesus! John McCain! … OK. Now I want to ask you something. [To Kathy:] Why are you pulling for John McCain? And it’s OK! But, why are you pulling for John McCain?
Kathy: I think it’s because … uh … my parents are going for him too.
Diantha Harris: OK. Your parents are going for him? [To another student:] Why are you pulling for Barack? Or … rather … Bawrawk…
Black Boy: Because I just want a black president sometime.
Diantha Harris: OK. You want a black president? [Addresses another student.]
Black Girl: The reason I want to pick Barack Obama is because he is making good changes, in the good country and stuff like that.
Diantha Harris: So, he’s making good changes for our country? [Harris shakes head in affirmation.] OK, now can you tell me just a little bit more like, like what type of changes?
Black Girl:  Like … not having … um … a fight between Iraq, and having soldiers killed.
Diantha Harris: So in other words, Bawrawk is going to end that war [nods her head vigorously] in Iraq. [To the class:] What do you all know about that war in Iraq? [To Kathy:] Now talk to me, because your dad is in the military!
[Kathy bites her lip.]
Diantha Harris: Talk!
Diantha Harris: It’s a senseless war! [Stares at Kathy.] And by the way, Kathy, the person that you’re picking for president said [Harris shakes her headthat our troops could stay in Iraq for another hundred years if they need to! [Kathy bites her lip, looks ashamed. Other kids stare at Kathy, laugh, smirk.] So that means that your daddy could stay in the military for another hundred years! 
[Kathy is on verge of tears.]
[In an interview later:]
Diantha Harris: Now I can support whomever I want to support, as long as I don’t brownbeat [sic] another person for the candidate that they supported. Like I have some students that support John McCain, and when they told me that, I said ah … “that’s good’ and I just moved on. So, I think that everybody is entitled to their own personal opinion. And we have something in our school system that’s called Kids Voting. In my class … Barack Obama won. [Harris grins.]
Asheville City Schools
Attn: Superintendent
85 Mountain Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 350-7000

Vote for school choice. Save your children....


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