Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama's Paradox Island

Why is the marketplace exhibiting such erratic behavior?  Why do consumers feel so vulnerable? Why aren't the bailed-out banks not loaning money?  Why aren't people buying large -ticket items like cars?

Could it be due to the paralysis of fear of the unknown?  The terror of making the first move, that may prove to be the wrong move? 

Welcome to Paradox Island! 

    The new Reality Show brought to you by Barack Obama in cooperation with the Democrats' Three Stooges..
    Based on campaign promises, will Barack (choose one of the 15 alternative options listed below.  You have a choice of 225 alternative right-wrong decision alternative configurations....remember no do-overs), and either get to keep your money, make some money, or lose it all!  
  • Immediately withdraw from Iraq, risking al-Qaeda and Iranian takeover and Cambodia type genocide or leave Iraq in control, victorious, and our powerful ally in the Middle East?
  • Cancel promise to double the capital gains tax so stock owners stop their own bailout plans as indicated by the 17% market drop from your election 'til midday November 13?
  • Take steps to bankrupt the coal industry or clean it up with reasonable control as we search for additionally energy sources?
  • Destroy or keep NAFTA?
  • Reverse the Executive Moratorium on drilling?
  • Defend or deny Israel's right to exist as an independent nation with Jerusalem as its capitol?
  • Attempt a further economic government grab on a seventh of our economy with universal health care?
  • Fall on the side of Muslims that hate Israel or Jews that want Israel to survive, both of whom supported him?
  • Change Washington or run a third Clinton Administration as indicated by all the Clintonites he's appointing to his cabinet?
  • Shut down Gitmo, trying terrorist scum by our constitution and housing them in our country? Odds are they'll be released in the USA because their Miranda "rights" weren't read them after they were caught trying to murder Americans.
  • Support the ban of free elections for unions so other members can terrorize voters to join?
  • Create jobs through government expansion by taking over businesses?
  • Introduce a "Fairness Doctrine" that includes ALL media; broadcast TV, print media and the Internet or drop it, recognizing its encroachment on our first amendment rights.
  • Have the guts to stand up to his crazed left supporters and save our country from destruction?
  • Get any cooperation on US initiatives he claims Bush couldn't get because of his unpopularity in the world community?

    Remember, all answers are final,  and irrevocable..... until at least 2012
Thanks to Dave Weinbaum for the list


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