Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ten Reasons Why Obama Won

There will be umpteen lists published in the next few years on why McCain lost and Obama won.  Here's one:
Carl M. Cannon in the Readers Digest

November 5, 2008
I. John McCain’s age:  
II. The shrinking Republican brand:  
III: Candidate Obama really was ‘The One’:   
IV: Young voters fell for Obama early—and stayed with him:  
V: Democrats closed the “technology gap”—and then some:
VI: Money talks
VII: Intangible reason Number 1 (international opinion):  
VIII: Intangible reason Number 2; the "Bradley Backlash": 
IX: The sour mood of the electorate. 
X: The global world economic crisis
      Read the expanded article here.... 


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