Saturday, January 3, 2009

Caroline - The Plot Thickens

Camelot Re-Opens In New York!

As a result of overwhelming public demand, Camelot is being re-opened in Manhattan and Albany.!

Opening night will  be scheduled as soon as Hilary is confirmed by the Senate. And, interestingly, Hilary is being absolutely silent on voicing her opinion in the casting.  Some say it might have something to do with a strained relationship that developed between her and the understudy who now seeks her leading lady role in the play.

But rumors have it that some are not being silent about there preferences in casting the part.   Large investors in the long running comedy "Kennedy, Inc.", including the "Lion of the Senate" himself - Ted; the "Bear of Wall S. News" Bloomberg; and the new "Kennedesque" Obama and his entourage - led by the perky Rahm Along A Ding-Dong, seem to be pressuring producer David Paterson on the Ingénue's behalf.  Even the reviewer Sheldon Silver, who had voiced disdain for the understudy, now seems to have been turned around to such a degree that he is calling for the Ingénue's selection.  It's amazing what intimations of withholding certain Federal funds can do to build momentum....

All Broadway is now a-twitter in anticipation of the magical 'pixie dust' that is believed will fall on Manhattan if this should come to pass.  Or does that happen in Peter Pan?......


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