Monday, January 12, 2009

Chelsea Will Inherit $Billions...

Hilary will trump Bill and "the Donald"!
For a couple who never owned a house until after the White House (and furnished their new house with, furniture 'borrowed' from the White House), and now eight years later, are multimillionaires, they've done really well after Government "Service". Can you imagine the balance sheet of Clinton, Inc. after Hillary's stint at State and all the "donations" that will flow to the Clinton Foundation? Look out Kennedy Clan, and look out George Soros.  These two are going to clean the table....(see Kennedy Inc .)
Sen. Hillary Clinton, whose confirmation hearing as secretary of state begins Tuesday, is aiming to re-establish the State Department as the lead agency in foreign policy and to give it a greater role in economic diplomacy, say advisers to her and President-elect Barack Obama.
Sen. Clinton wants to take back some of the turf now held by the Defense Department. In a slap at President George W. Bush for increased reliance on force, or so-called hard power, Sen. Clinton will outline a broader arsenal of diplomatic tools that she calls "smart power," including economic agreements and social development that "invests in our common humanity" to achieve improved security, advisers say.
To counter the dominance given the military under Mr. Bush, she and Defense Secretary Robert Gates are working together to transfer assets and personnel to the State Department to assume reconstruction and stabilization efforts and public-affairs programs abroad, such as those in place during the Iraq war, Obama and Clinton advisers say.
Sen. Clinton is also ramping up for the State Department to be involved with the Treasury on such issues as U.S. economic development, as well as future IMF and World Bank governance changes and trade negotiations.
Republicans are expected to quiz her about former President Bill Clinton's donors to his charitable foundation and library and their potential conflicts of interest with U.S. foreign policy. Clinton advisers are bracing for some lawmakers to accuse her of making a "power play."
Sen. Clinton is bringing into the State Department several members of "Hillaryland," the loyal, close-knit group of women who worked in her first lady or New York Senate offices. She is expected to name top adviser and lawyer Cheryl Mills to be her chief of staff; Ms. Mills represented former President Clinton in negotiations with the Obama transition chief over his foundation activities to pave the way for Sen. Clinton's nomination. 


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