Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama's Mask is Off

Obama's thin veneer of cool is coming loose...

People are finally getting a glimpse at the real person behind the Obama mask of a cool, savvy and competent leader; now seeing the person who's spent  a majority of his life boppin' on the shady side of the street.....playing the hustle.  The charming smile disappears quickly when things don't go his way; the straight back and up-right posture slumps into the street slouch, game-face and diddy-bop walk of a hustler trying to intimidate the john's on the corner.  

We were warned that his associates were not upstanding; Rev. Wright; Bill Ayers; Tony Rezko; Acorn....his selections for his cabinet have continued to demonstrate not only poor choices, but his inability to react appropriately when they were exposed as cheats and liars.  Instead, he made excuses for inexcusable behavior, until forced to cut some lose.

The great orator suddenly loses his ability to bring forth uplifting rhetoric to a nation that's beset by anxiety.  Instead, he goes for the low road, like a shady life-insurance salesman predicting doom and disaster for your family unless the high-priced full-life annuity policy is purchased, in an attempt to sell the country on a mis-begotten and ugly spending bill solely primarily designed to pay off the Democrats' base and advance their Liberal social agenda.

When I was growing up in the Bronx, we had a name for things and situations that were so screwed up and messy like this Stimulus Bill.  We called them "blivits"...

What's a "blivit"?  A "blivit" is ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag....I'm sure you can visualize it.
Now it looks like we can start to call them.... "Obamas".

He'll get his bill passed, but if the Republicans are wise, they'll vote no, and stay clear of the splatter that will inevitably spew when this putrid "blivit" of a Bill hits his desk.


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