Sunday, May 31, 2009

Craig T. Nelson - Heroic Action

Actor protests excessive Government control of our lives....
and willing to go to jail for it.

Frustrated over our politicians lack of responsiveness and accountability to citizens,  Craig T. Nelson says he's thinking of not paying taxes as a protest, and is willing to go to jail in order to make the point.

I hope that he doesn't do this, primarily because it won't have any effect and he will go to jail, but you have to applaud his willingness to speak up against excessive government spending and control, especially as an actor in Liberal Hollywood.  Given the lock-step Liberal politics of Hollywood, his problem now may be that he never has another script offered to him. 

Hat's off to Craig!  

Now we need a few more of the Hollywood elite to come to the aid of their country.  Let's see if any more find the courage to stand up and buck the herd mentality on the West Coast.


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