Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama Gives Us The Finger


You know that a salesman is in trouble when he starts pointing the finger at the customers telling them that they just don't understand, that everything really will be ok, what the contract says isn't what it means..... just trust him.

Actually, Obama and the rest of the Democrat 'Rat Pack' have been pointing the finger at just about everybody but themselves since they took office in January.  First it was George Bush, then the greedy and corrupt Bankers, then the greedy and corrupt Stockbrokers and Hedge Funds, then the greedy and corrupt Real Estate people, then the Automakers, then George Bush again, then the Doctors, then the Hospitals, then the Pharmaceutical companies, then the Health Insurance companies, then George Bush again, and now us.....anyone who questions the obscene and devastating Heath Care Bill that Congress passed and that Obama is selling, now gets pointed at and vilified.

Even after smearing lipstick on this pig of a Bill by saying that it doesn't say what is written in it, and even if it gets a face lift and tummy-tuck when the Senate reconvenes, this Health Care Bill (now being called Heath Insurance Bill....notice how the Democrats always change terminology when their programs don't sell) is, and will continue to still be a PIG  and worse!  It will further destroy our freedom to decide the health care approach that we want to choose, and it will create a governmental monster that will make Medicaid and Medicare look like an Omega watch in retrospect.

When the Democrats want to push through a 'Comprehensive' Bill, no matter what it issue it supposedly is designed to 'fix' - Immigration, Housing, or now Health Care, you know that they are really attempting to reduce our freedom, increase Government control, and somehow reinforce and strengthen their control of  our lives.  And that's exactly what's happening now with their 'Comprehensive' Heath Care Bill.

No system is perfect, and the current state of Heath Care in the U.S., despite being the best in the world, reflects that truth.  However, the current problem with the U.S. system of health care is one more of cost than any other factor.  And, if reducing cost is the major thrust of this whole exercise, there is no amount of rhetoric and demagoguery that the Democrats can employ that will ever be able to show that expanding the role and scope of Government programs, will ever reduce the costs...yet that's what Obama expects us to believe, despite the Congressional Budget Office's explicit findings of a $1+Trillion deficit if the plan is enacted.  The longer term impact of this Bill on health care and medical innovation will be extremely negative yet isn't even being discussed, despite its potential greater significant impact on our lives.

The simple truth is that there are six major major cost drivers in our Health Care system:

  • Governmental programs, Medicare and Medicaid, promote significant abuse, create tremendous direct overhead costs and cause cost-shifting to private insurance carriers 
  • Out of control medical malpractice settlements drive additional significant costs because of subsequent CYA medical practices 
  • Lack of tax exemption for individual private health insurance drives up its net cost and eliminates it as an option for many 
  • Unnecessary State mandated health insurance coverage elements drive up the cost of all insurance plans 
  • Preventing Health Insurance companies from establishing national risk pools increases risk and costs
  • Illegal immigrants abusing our hospital Emergency Rooms shift more costs to private health insurance carriers and individual payers

If Obama and the Democrats really wanted to improve health care they would address each of those causal elements and develop a simple plan to fix each problem separately, but the truth is, that's not their objective.  They want to control the health care system in a misguided objective of 'equalizing' Health Care, just as they've 'equalized' Education....and we've seen how well that's worked out.  And, in case you haven't noticed, they're working on 'equalizing' income too.

It's amazing, but somehow, we simple people can solve the exceedingly everyday issues of providing for our own individual lodging, and our own individual food and clothing requirements without Government intervention, but for health care, Democrats think we need the Government.

Follow Obama's advice, "argue with them, and get in their face".

Never more silent majority.  Make your voice heard, and prevent this invasion of your wallet, your privacy, and your right to live free and unimpeded by government.


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