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Health Care Bill - 1990 Pages

1990 Pages of Health Care Regulations......What could ever possibly go wrong?

The latest bill from House Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats is now available on the internet, weighing in at 1,990 pages. 

If you want to download the bill, go to

Here is the bill's table of contents:

Sec. 101. National high-risk pool program.
Sec. 102. Ensuring value and lower premiums.
Sec. 103. Ending health insurance rescission abuse.
Sec. 104. Sunshine on price gouging by health insurance issuers.
Sec. 105. Requiring the option of extension of dependent coverage for uninsured young adults.
Sec. 106. Limitations on preexisting condition exclusions in group health plans in advance of applicability of new prohibition of preexisting condition exclusions.
Sec. 107. Prohibiting acts of domestic violence from being treated as preexisting conditions.
Sec. 108. Ending health insurance denials and delays of necessary treatment for children with deformities.
Sec. 109. Elimination of lifetime limits.
Sec. 110. Prohibition against postretirement reductions of retiree health benefits by group health plans.
Sec. 111. Reinsurance program for retirees.
Sec. 112. Wellness program grants.
Sec. 113. Extension of COBRA continuation coverage.
Sec. 114. State Health Access Program grants.
Sec. 115. Administrative simplification.

Subtitle A--General Standards
Sec. 201. Requirements reforming health insurance marketplace.
Sec. 202. Protecting the choice to keep current coverage.

Subtitle B--Standards Guaranteeing Access to Affordable Coverage
Sec. 211. Prohibiting preexisting condition exclusions.
Sec. 212. Guaranteed issue and renewal for insured plans and prohibiting rescissions.
Sec. 213. Insurance rating rules.
Sec. 214. Nondiscrimination in benefits; parity in mental health and substance abuse disorder benefits.
Sec. 215. Ensuring adequacy of provider networks.
Sec. 216. Requiring the option of extension of dependent coverage for uninsured young adults.
Sec. 217. Consistency of costs and coverage under qualified health benefits plans during plan year.

Subtitle C--Standards Guaranteeing Access to Essential Benefits
Sec. 221. Coverage of essential benefits package.
Sec. 222. Essential benefits package defined.
Sec. 223. Health Benefits Advisory Committee.
Sec. 224. Process for adoption of recommendations; adoption of benefit standards.

Subtitle D--Additional Consumer Protections
Sec. 231. Requiring fair marketing practices by health insurers.
Sec. 232. Requiring fair grievance and appeals mechanisms.
Sec. 233. Requiring information transparency and plan disclosure.
Sec. 234. Application to qualified health benefits plans not offered through the Health Insurance Exchange.
Sec. 235. Timely payment of claims.
Sec. 236. Standardized rules for coordination and subrogation of benefits.
Sec. 237. Application of administrative simplification.
Sec. 238. State prohibitions on discrimination against health care providers.
Sec. 239. Protection of physician prescriber information.
Sec. 240. Dissemination of advance care planning information.

Subtitle E--Governance
Sec. 241. Health Choices Administration; Health Choices Commissioner.
Sec. 242. Duties and authority of Commissioner.
Sec. 243. Consultation and coordination.
Sec. 244. Health Insurance Ombudsman.

Subtitle F--Relation to Other Requirements; Miscellaneous
Sec. 251. Relation to other requirements.
Sec. 252. Prohibiting discrimination in health care.
Sec. 253. Whistleblower protection.
Sec. 254. Construction regarding collective bargaining.
Sec. 255. Severability.
Sec. 256. Treatment of Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Act.
Sec. 257. Actions by State attorneys general.
Sec. 258. Application of State and Federal laws regarding abortion.
Sec. 259. Nondiscrimination on abortion and respect for rights of conscience.
Sec. 260. Authority of Federal Trade Commission.
Sec. 261. Construction regarding standard of care.
Sec. 262. Restoring application of antitrust laws to health sector insurers.
Sec. 263. Study and report on methods to increase EHR use by small health care providers.

Subtitle A--Health Insurance Exchange
Sec. 301. Establishment of Health Insurance Exchange; outline of duties; definitions.
Sec. 302. Exchange-eligible individuals and employers.
Sec. 303. Benefits package levels.
Sec. 304. Contracts for the offering of Exchange-participating health benefits plans.
Sec. 305. Outreach and enrollment of Exchange-eligible individuals and employers in Exchange-participating health benefits plan.
Sec. 306. Other functions.
Sec. 307. Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund.
Sec. 308. Optional operation of State-based health insurance exchanges.
Sec. 309. Interstate health insurance compacts.
Sec. 310. Health insurance cooperatives.
Sec. 311. Retention of DOD and VA authority.

Subtitle B--Public Health Insurance Option
Sec. 321. Establishment and administration of a public health insurance option as an Exchange-qualified health benefits plan.
Sec. 322. Premiums and financing.
Sec. 323. Payment rates for items and services.
Sec. 324. Modernized payment initiatives and delivery system reform.
Sec. 325. Provider participation.
Sec. 326. Application of fraud and abuse provisions.
Sec. 327. Application of HIPAA insurance requirements.
Sec. 328. Application of health information privacy, security, and electronic transaction requirements.
Sec. 329. Enrollment in public health insurance option is voluntary.
Sec. 330. Enrollment in public health insurance option by Members of Congress.
Sec. 331. Reimbursement of Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Subtitle C--Individual Affordability Credits
Sec. 341. Availability through Health Insurance Exchange.
Sec. 342. Affordable credit eligible individual.
Sec. 343. Affordability premium credit.
Sec. 344. Affordability cost-sharing credit.
Sec. 345. Income determinations.
Sec. 346. Special rules for application to territories.
Sec. 347. No Federal payment for undocumented aliens.

Subtitle A--Individual Responsibility
Sec. 401. Individual responsibility.
Subtitle B--Employer Responsibility

Sec. 411. Health coverage participation requirements.
Sec. 412. Employer responsibility to contribute toward employee and dependent coverage.
Sec. 413. Employer contributions in lieu of coverage.
Sec. 414. Authority related to improper steering.
Sec. 415. Impact study on employer responsibility requirements.
Sec. 416. Study on employer hardship exemption.

Sec. 421. Satisfaction of health coverage participation requirements under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.
Sec. 422. Satisfaction of health coverage participation requirements under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
Sec. 423. Satisfaction of health coverage participation requirements under the Public Health Service Act.
Sec. 424. Additional rules relating to health coverage participation requirements.

Sec. 501. Tax on individuals without acceptable health care coverage.

Sec. 511. Election to satisfy health coverage participation requirements.
Sec. 512. Health care contributions of nonelecting employers.

Sec. 521. Credit for small business employee health coverage expenses.

Sec. 531. Distributions for medicine qualified only if for prescribed drug or insulin.
Sec. 532. Limitation on health flexible spending arrangements under cafeteria plans.
Sec. 533. Increase in penalty for nonqualified distributions from health savings accounts.
Sec. 534. Denial of deduction for federal subsidies for prescription drug plans which have been excluded from gross income.

Sec. 541. Disclosures to carry out health insurance exchange subsidies.
Sec. 542. Offering of exchange-participating health benefits plans through cafeteria plans.
Sec. 543. Exclusion from gross income of payments made under reinsurance program for retirees.
Sec. 544. CLASS program treated in same manner as long-term care insurance.
Sec. 545. Exclusion from gross income for medical care provided for Indians.

Subtitle B--Other Revenue Provisions
Sec. 551. Surcharge on high income individuals.
Sec. 552. Excise tax on medical devices.
Sec. 553. Expansion of information reporting requirements.
Sec. 554. Delay in application of worldwide allocation of interest.

Sec. 561. Limitation on treaty benefits for certain deductible payments.
Sec. 562. Codification of economic substance doctrine; penalties.
Sec. 563. Certain large or publicly traded persons made subject to a more likely than not standard for avoiding penalties on underpayments.

Sec. 571. Certain health related benefits applicable to spouses and dependents extended to eligible beneficiaries.


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