Monday, November 14, 2011

Newt Gingrich, America's Churchill?

Although the statement may seem a reach to some, in addition to physical resemblances, other parallels appear between the lives of Winston Churchill and Newt Gingrich.

Both experienced childhood disruptions, and both grew up in military oriented households. Churchill's first political activity was at the age of 26, and Gingrich's at the age of 25. Both joined their country's Conservative political parties, and both became successful leaders their political party's as well as scared veterans of leadership battles. Gingrich, like Churchill, is a dedicated historian and author of numerous commentaries, histories and documentary films. Like Churchill, Gingrich is attempting a political resurrection during a period of significant unrest, upheaval, and apprehension for the future of their nation.

Gingrich at age 67, as Churchill was prior to his election as Prime Minister at age 66, has been dismissed by many as a relic of the past, an inconvenient speed-bump for Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign.

Newt's recent statesman-like performances in Republican debates, however, has propelled him to the top in the most recent polls. The question now is whether or not Newt can maintain discipline, stay focused on message, and avoid the awkward statements that he has shown a propensity to make.

On August 16th, 2011, the Irish bookmaker odds on Presidential candidates were:  Obama at 4:6; Rick Perry at 7:2; Mitt Romney at 5:1; Michelle Bachmann at 16:1, John Boehner at 50:1, and candidate Newt Gingrich tied with actor Matt Damon at 100:1.

Newt is now at 14.3%, still behind Mitt Romney at 69.6%, but it's still early and Newt looks more and more like a Bulldog to many.  The election, however, is still a long way off.


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