Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 6, 2008 - "Women For Dummies" and more..

In darkness for days?

Chicago's ComEd says it may take several days to fully restore power for 220,000 customers following a series of overnight storms.

Want to know why Liberals hate the U.S.? Here’s you’re chance to find out.... (Pssst….it’s because they were successful in getting what they wanted – the abandonment of all the useful social mores and constraints that used to exist before they litigated and ostracized them into oblivion). An Uneasy America: 'Why We Hate Us'

Ad links white Memphis congressman to KKK, statue
It seems to me that the only folks who have been injecting race into the political discussion are Democrats......but I could be wrong. MEMPHIS — Rep. Steve Cohen, a white congressman from a mostly black district, is linked to images of the Ku Klux Klan in a TV ad for his top African-American opponent in Thursday's Democratic primary
The ad for challenger Nikki Tinker juxtaposes pictures of Cohen, a statue of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and a hooded Klansman while asking, "Who is the real Steve Cohen?"

Cohen, a former state senator with a long record as a civil rights supporter, was elected in 2006 and is the first white member of Congress from Memphis in more than three decades.Tinker, a corporate lawyer, was Cohen's closest challenger in 2006 in a 15-candidate primary in which the top four black candidates split 57 percent of the vote.Tinker argues that her campaign is not based on race but her supporters want more diversity in Congress and Tennessee's all-white congressional delegation. The Memphis district, which is 60 percent black, is the only predominantly black congressional district in the state.

Number of Men that will die in the U.S. in 2008, by cause.....

Even the “good guys” are screwing up!
Terrorism Expert: Karen Hughes Gave Money to Bad Guys

When you hear, “Move along citizen..... Nothing to see here”. Do it!
Loose lips can get you arrested or, why you shouldn't talk to the police

AP finally validates "Trickle-Down" Economics: Rich begin feeling the pain in down economy

Much ado about nothing.......McCain Not First to Compare Obama to Paris Hilton
Would all of this overwrought press hysteria be rendered even sillier were it to turn out that Sen. McCain was in actuality quoting Sen. Obama? Methinks that it would.

A February 24, 2005, Washington Post article begins:
There's nothing exotic or complicated about how phenoms are made in Washington, and, more to the point, how they are broken.

"Andy Warhol said we all get our 15 minutes of fame," says Barack Obama. "I've already had an hour and a half. I mean, I'm so overexposed, I'm making Paris Hilton look like a recluse."
That is pretty much the who and the why of Sen. McCain's explanation of his ad, is it not? It turns out he wasn't mocking Sen. Obama so much as channeling him. Or making a mini-documentary out of the Post's article.

Either way, it is just another example of the elite media not liking a Leftist's own words being used against him in the court of public opinion.

"FLASH" Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad

The Six Steps To Dealing With Liberal Friends And Family
No, it doesn't involve violence, or divorce......

Light 'em if you got 'em......A Victory for German Smokers
I'm an ex-smoker (aka: smoker who's not smoking now), and don't really enjoy second-hand smoke. But, I value even more the principle that people should have freedom to exercise their participation in legal activities, and retailers should be allowed to restrict, or enable their customers to exercise those rights.

the German Federal Constitutional Court ruled unconstitutional, a ban on smoking in small bars, and forcing state legislators back to the drawing board in their efforts to protect public health. I assume this was in response to Sen. Obama's moving oration on freedom during his recent visit to Berlin.

The truth about the Picts......
They were maligned, and are now seeking reparations....(just kidding) but, in a discovery described as "astonishing, mind-blowing" by architectural historians, it appears that the people who built the Pictish monastery at Portmahomack on the Tarbat peninsula in Easter Ross, did so using the proportions of "the Golden Section", or "Divine Proportion" as it became known during the Renaissance hundreds of years later. This ratio of dimensions, 1.618 to one, appears in nature, such as in the spiral of seashells, and the faces of people considered beautiful, such as Marilyn Monroe. It can be seen in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Alhambra palace of Granada in Spain, the Acropolis in Athens and the Egyptian Pyramids, but was thought to have been too advanced for the Picts. More......

Orgasms 'at the touch of a button'

The “ObabmaTouch” device. The device stimulates the nerves sending gentle pulses up the leg for between 10 and 30 minutes leaving you on the verge of climax. Successfully tested by Chris Matthews…..

Cold Shoulder……..
Latest swimsuit fashions.

Randy Newman
Guest DJ Randy Newman Story
Concert - Plays With 'Harps and Angels'

Women For Dummies…..How Women Work
Best factoid: men have 6.5 times more gray matter than women. Women have 10 times more white matter. Gray matter is for processing centers. White matter is for creating connections between processes so that people can see and process patterns.

Are you tough enough for Yacht racing?

Sam Kinison's First Appearance on Letterman....
Includes Classic "World Hunger" solution.


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