Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Can't Backtrack

Last night, Barack Obama said that he never opposed funding for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that his vote in opposition only intended to force a timetable for withdrawal in Iraq.  Today, the McCain campaign responds with a new ad, “Promise”, that they will run nationally:

ANNCR: In the midst of war, Senator Obama voted to cut off funding for our troops. What did Biden say?
JOE BIDEN: “They said they voted against the money to make a political point.”
ANNCR: He added…
JOE BIDEN: “This is cutting off support that will save the lives of thousands of American troops.”
ANNCR: Barack Obama. Playing politics. Risking lives. Not ready to lead.
Here was Obama’s response during the debate:
OBAMA: Jim, there are a whole bunch of things we have got to answer. First of all, let’s talk about this troop funding issue because John always brings this up. Senator McCain cut — Senator McCain opposed funding for troops in legislation that had a timetable, because he didn’t believe in a timetable.
I opposed funding a mission that had no timetable, and was open- ended, giving a blank check to George Bush. We had a difference on the timetable. We didn’t have a difference on whether or not we were going to be funding troops.
Not according to his running mate. According to Joe Biden, the move to defund the troops was deliberate — an attempt to interfere with the surge strategy that wound up winning the war. Biden, Obama, and the rest of the Democrats who voted against the funding wanted to force the administration into a precipitous withdrawal that would have left Iraq a failed state. And it also would have defunded Afghanistan, which Obama has called the central front on the war on terror.

(Hat Tip - Hot Air )


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