Monday, September 8, 2008

Russia Turns Back Aid Convoy

KARALETI, Georgia -- Russian soldiers turned back a United Nations convoy for no apparent reason Monday in a blunt demonstration of who is in charge in a tense zone around Georgia's breakaway province of South Ossetia.

The demonstration of Russian authority inside Georgia came as French President Nicolas Sarkozy was heading to Moscow to try to persuade Russia to honor its pledge to pull its troops back to the positions they held before the fighting broke out Aug. 7.  MORE....
A Partner and an AdversaryHow the West can maneuver through a very difficult relationship with Putin's Russia.  MORE....

Democrats must learn some respect

Bromley illustration
This article is not the first to note the cultural contradiction in American liberalism, but just now the point bears restating. The election may turn on it.
Democrats speak up for the less prosperous; they have well-intentioned policies to help them; they are disturbed by inequality, and want to do something about it. Their concern is real and admirable. The trouble is, they lack respect for the objects of their solicitude. Their sympathy comes mixed with disdain, and even contempt.  MORE....
The policy and ideological differences between the Unites States’ Democrats and Republicans this year are greater than in all the elections since the Second World War, except for Barry Goldwater’s quixotic challenge to Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society in 1964; George McGovern’s kamikaze mission against Richard Nixon in 1972; and Ronald Reagan’s release of Jimmy Carter to spend more time with his family in 1980. 
The differences over taxes, the economy and medical care are profound --  and very complicated.  MORE....

Ms. Palin's Pipeline

Her attempt to deliver natural gas from Alaska is revealing about her governing style.  MORE....

September 8, 2008

It was only a matter of time, unfortunately. And now that Michigan is an election-year swing state and Detroit's auto makers are posting sales declines topping 20% each month, the time has arrived. The issue of a government bailout for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler is moving to center stage.
Barack Obama has said yes to this proposal early on, and last week John McCain climbed on board. So much for change and fighting pork-barrel spending. We're moving beyond moral hazard here, folks, and into a moral quagmire. At least the Chrysler bailout of 1980 was structured so that taxpayers could reap a reward for taking a financial risk on the company's future. That's not what's happening now.  MORE....
The prospect of a Canadian general election leaves me, and I would guess most of my countrymen, bored.........The debates are seldom if ever about which direction we should be going, but rather, how far and how fast we should proceed along the pre-determined highway. This is the “Canadian consensus,” shared by the various self-appointing and self-regulating elites in government, law, media, and academia. And it is a “consensus” they enforce, with ever-increasing restrictions on our ability to discuss, publicly, the various activist agendas they are pushing.......The reason Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican convention in Minneapolis this last week was so very explosive -- not only to Americans with the chance to vote for or against her party, but to Canadians, with no chance at all -- had only indirectly to do with the fact that she is a remarkable woman. It was the sudden raw exposure to a well-articulated worldview completely opposed to our “Canadian consensus” that we found so horrifying -- or exhilarating.
Millions of Canadians long to hear something like that from a politician up here. But millions more remain convinced that they must never, ever, be given the chance.


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