Monday, September 8, 2008

Thirty Years after Camp David

What was the real accomplishment of Jimmy Carter in forging the Camp David Accords, and allowing the Shah of Iran to be driven out of office?  What impact did his actions, and inaction create for us today?  Does his world perspective present a model to be avoided or embraced?

Bruce Walker lays out a powerful and damning linkage of causal events that lead right to the major issues we are struggling with today.  

Thirty Years after Camp David

By Bruce Walker
Thirty years ago Jimmy Carter tried to change the world by getting the leaders of nations to agree.  The result, in September 1978, was the Camp David Accords.  Did it work?
Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, the respective leaders of Egypt and Israel, did reach some basic agreements and since then Egypt has stopped trying to drive Israel into the sea.  After four wars in twenty five years, the Arab-Israeli wars stopped.  The accords are universally considered the highlight of an otherwise dismal presidency, perhaps the only good thing that Carter ever did.  But the accords also failed.........
When someone is sick, he thinks that pain relievers like Camp David are cures.  Morphine and aspirin have their place in a doctor's bag, but they cannot replace penicillin.  And any doctor who mistakes an analgesic with an antibiotic does.  MORE....


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