Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sergeant Schultz Defense

Lee Cary presents a partial look at the investigation that the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times have been pursuing into the dealings between Barack Obama and public housing developers in Chicago.  The question that must be asked, especially in the wake of the media's frenzied and over the top investigation into the minutia of Gov. Sarah Palin's life, is why the same assiduous pursuit of the truth has not been conducted on Sen. Obama? In addition, since the Main Stream Media hasn't stepped up to the plate and investigated the story, it would seem that the Republican Party should at least mirror the Democrats' approach to sending hoards of lawyers up to Alaska to investigate Gov. Palin and her family, by sending a highly vaccinated team of lawyers to dig through the reeking muck that is Chicago politics.  Well, they'd have to be heavily armoured too, given the risk of probing Daleyland.

So far, Sen. Obama's response to any question about his links with nefarious characters has been the Sargent Schultz Defense; "I knew nothing"....

September 16, 2008

Obama 's Friends and Chicago's New Slums

By Lee Cary

In 1993, Barack Obama joined a Chicago law firm that specialized in helping develop low-income housing. In time, the job would bring him political support from slum landlords who make Clinton's shady Arkansas associates look like teenage shoplifters. 

Obama's connections with public housing developers and property managers have been investigated in depth by a cadre of reporters from the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times. The major TV networks and national print media, particularly the New York Times and Washington Post, have ignored their findings.

Once the media declared the Tony Rezko story over when he was convicted in federal court, the national media's attention turned away from Chicago. Here's just part of the story they've missed.  MORE....


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