Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dodd Watch Day 153: Censorship

Thank God, the Democrats didn't pick Dodd.

I respectfully request that President Bush, during his last
 day on the job, direct the Justice Department to create an 
Independent Special Prosecutor to investigate the failure 
of the financial market, and the role that Congressional and 
Senate members had in it, especially regarding any 
oversight of Fannie and Freddie. Special focus should be 
placed on Barney Frank, Rahm Emmanuel, Chuck Schumer, 
and Senator Chris Dodd. 

If President Bush does not initiate an independent 
investigation now, it will forever be covered up. This is not 
an occasion for bi-partisanship, it is an occasion of citizenship.
Thankfully, there are many people who recognize the importance of establishing the truth in this matter.  Heath is one.
With the effort to get senior Senator Chris Dodd to come clean on his VIP mortgages into its 153rd Day, the story takes an ugly turn by adding some old fashioned political repression to the mix - and the New Haven Independent not only has the expose on the issue - they’ve also got the repressed radio interview.  Former State Senator-turned-radioman Tom Scott interviewed Senator Dodd for his WELI-AM radio show and took the opportunity to take Dodd to task for the continuing mortgage scandal.
Scott, who could never be called a shrinking violet, hammered on Dodd - bringing up everything from the father Dodd’s foibles to the mortgage fraud allegations.  Mr. Dodd resorted to non sequitur commentary and meek complaints about the presumption of guilt before Scott finally relented.  But regular Tom Scott listeners never got to hear the dramatic interview because corporate executives at the station repressed it.  Thankfully, NHI has the audio  at their site.
CTGOP continues to keep our vigil - the Dodd Watch - until Senator Dodd releases the documents associated with his two mortgages from Countrywide Financial, a notorious player in the subprime mortgage mess.  Countrywide got Dodd two jumbo loans for his place in East Haddam and his Washington, D.C. Townhouse under a VIP Program that gave powerful and well-connected clients sweetheart deals on their mortgages.  The Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee would save, by some estimates, $70,000 or more over the life of the loans and had all sorts of fees waived on the front end of the deal.
Dodd admitted over the summer - back when he let it be known that he was being vetted for Obama’s VP pick - that he shared his financial documents with the Obama vetters.  The Justice Department, it was revealed, has been asking questions of the key players in the VIP Program to see if any federal laws were broken.  Senator Dodd needs to come clean - now.


Anonymous November 12, 2008 at 7:53 PM  

Thanks or the Dodd alert. what a crook!

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