Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caroline, The "You Know" Kennedy

Caroline, The Gift Who Keeps On 

It's amazing!  Talk about the audacity of hope!  Here's a woman with limited capabilities - those that allow her to cash in on her family name and provenance, who, along with those in her extended family's business (selling influence), believes that she can just announce her interest in being the Senator from NY, and it should, and will, happen.....just like in Camelot!

First suggestion,  work on public speaking ability.  Even the counter ladies in Saks and Macy's articulate better than she does.  And does she really believe that her books were best seller's?

Listen to her weak rational for seeking the office, as well as the distracting and annoying "you know's" in this interview she gave today....ultimately, she will prove out to be an embarrassment to the Democrats, not an asset.

Listen to the interview here , if it does not show up in your email.


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