Friday, December 19, 2008

Representatives' Raise Rouses Rabble!

The torches are coming!   The torches are coming!

Angry citizens have taken to the streets in Greek-student style protests against Congressional pay raises.  Screaming "$1 Salaries for CEO's, $1 Salaries for Schmo's", a reference to the humiliation heaped on the Big 3 Automaker's CEO's by the likes of Rep's Barney Farck and Chris Dudd last week, and the lawmaker's subsequent salary raises they granted themselves this week.

There has also been rumors of large, strangely familiar looking wooden devices with gleaming metal blades, being wheeled onto Capital Hill.  President Bush refused to call out additional protection for the lawmakers, citing Executive Privilege, while President-Elect Obama said that on the one hand, he favors supporting the lawmakers, but on the other hand, there's only one President at a time.  He suggests that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speak with his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel because he didn't want her to think that he was triangulating her.  Then he voted "Present", although there wasn't any vote being taken.  (Obama later acknowledged that it's another habit that he's trying to break.)

More to come....
Hat tip to Jack Murray


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