Monday, May 18, 2009

"The Chief Business Of The American People Is Business"

Calvin Coolidge understood the basics of American Society.... 

Professor Arthur Schlesinger in Crisis of the Old Order wrote, "(Coolidge's) speeches offered his social philosophy in dry pellets of aphorism. "The chief business of the American people," he said, "is business." But, for Coolidge, business was more than business; it was a religion; and to it he committed all the passion of his arid nature. "The man who builds a factory," he wrote, "builds a temple. The man who works there worships there." He (Coolidge) felt these things with a fierce intensity.
Candidate, now President Obama and the rest of the Democrat Party don't seem to be able to grasp and understand this basic aspect of America's history and continued greatness.  They have done all that they could over the past few years to devalue confidence in America's sound economy, demonize it's corporations and business leaders, and create intentional havoc for ideological pursuit and political gain.  They have created crisis on top of crisis, and continue to do so - the current trauma to be delivered to the American people being the establishment of usurious and damaging tax structures under the guise of environmental concerns.

Despite being helped into office by the millions of dollars of contributions as well as the many workers of the Service Employees International Union, who comprise the majority of workers in the hospitality industry, Obama went out of his way to create a business climate that was extremely hostile to their financial interests and hurt them significantly.  This was done either out of sheer stupidity, or ruthlessly to further the crises environment that has enabled the movement of his agenda.

But at last, people have begun to speak out, and speak truth to power.  Unfortunately, it won't be enough.....

The Office of Governor Jim Gibbons was notified today that President Barack Obama has refused to meet with the Governor and key business leaders from Nevada. Governor Gibbons requested the meeting in a letter to President Obama so the President could address statements he made that were critical to Nevada and have caused economic damage to convention business and tourism business in the Silver State. Earlier this year, the President told an audience in Elkhart, Indiana, "You can't get corporate jets. You can't go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime." That quote was seen by many as an insult to Las Vegas and as a message to companies across the Nation to stay away from Las Vegas for corporate meetings and conventions.
The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports over 400 conventions and business meetings scheduled to take place in Las Vegas recently have cancelled. These cancelled events translate into 111,800 guests in Las Vegas and over 250,000 "room-nights". The cancelled conventions and meetings have cost the Las Vegas economy over $100-million, not including gaming revenue.
"I am disappointed at the hypocrisy shown by this Administration," Gibbons said, "President Obama is coming to Las Vegas later this month for a political fundraiser, but he will not help the struggling families in Las Vegas and Nevada who are out of work because of his reckless comments." Governor Gibbons noted, "President Obama is coming to Las Vegas to raise campaign cash for Senator Harry Reid, apparently our money is good enough for the President, but our tourism, jobs, and economic future are not." Gibbons added, "This is politics, pure and simple, President Obama stood for change, but all he has done is brought negative economic change to Nevada."    More....

The probability is high that the follwoing words won't be said about President Obama: 
Coolidge was "distinguished for character more than for heroic achievement," wrote a Democratic admirer, Alfred E. Smith. "His great task was to restore the dignity and prestige of the Presidency when it had reached the lowest ebb in our history ... in a time of extravagance and waste...."


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