Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama The Great And Powerful

He takes over the Banks, the Car Industry, makes cars run cleaner and on less fuel, creates a new auto-recycling industry that will save untold energy and creates new jobs, while at the same time builds new linkages with Cuba to go along with his reduction of restrictions on that country .......

With the establichment of higher fuel efficiency standards of 39 MPG by 2016 for all new cars, you won't be able to buy any of those large, practical, convenient, comfortable, and safe cars and pick-up trucks that you grown to love....but that won't be a problem, because Obama has already figured out how to accomplish even more to cut energy usage and promote greater recycling on our journey to being a green country.....

The Obama - Cuba Auto Recycling Joint Venture!

That's right! The perfect way to build a meaningful relationship with our brothers and sisters in the revolution, save money, save energy, and put more of our university grads to work at low-paying, but high satisfaction, community service work - Community Car Mechanic Activist!. Cuba has spent years and untold research into extending the usefulness of American-made auto's.  We can learn a tremendous amount from them.  Most Cuban cars owners only buy two or three gallons of gas a year.......  Amazing!

And for those who yearn for the good ol' days, a special imported car service will be established (and they already have the logo's that you've grown to love).  Another brilliant concept from the Obama Democrats!

We can tap into that deep Cuban knowledge base and learn, once again, how to keep those big pieces of iron that you love purring for you.  You won't be forced to buy one of those new put-put's made out of aluminum foil made necessary to meet the new standards, because we're going to have a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that will include special set asides for Master Cuban Auto Technicians who will help train our ACORN members in providing local shade tree mechanic community advisor services to keep your old gas guzzler purring like a tiger.

He's thought of everything!  Obama.  Yes, We can!


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