Friday, January 15, 2010

Global Warming - The Other Side

(That's not been allowed to be heard)....

"Global Warming - The Other Side," was created and hosted by John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, and debuted on San Diego's independent television station KUSI.

Readers should be familiar with Coleman as the man who not only called global warming "the greatest scam in history," but also advocated suing Nobel Laureate Al Gore to expose the fraud.

Breaking with American media's tradition of almost exclusively broadcasting programs supporting Gore's view of climate change, "The Other Side" remarkably devoted an entire hour to fully explaining what the global warming-obsessed press dishonestly hide from the public (videos in five parts embedded below , h/t News Busters):

KUSI meteorologist, Weather Channel founder, and iconic weatherman, John Coleman explains the science and controversy surrounding Global Warming

Segment 1 (link here if not shown below)
Carbon dioxide, CO2, does not cause significant warming of the earth....

Segment 2 (link here if not shown below)
The amazing story of how Al Gore and the U.N. became involved in global warming....

Segment 3 (link here if not shown below)
The global warming frenzy is full of dire predictions.  This segment debunks them.

Segment 4 (link here if not shown below)
Breaking news!  Climategate comes to the U.S.

Segment 5 (link here if not shown below)
John Coleman's summation of the global warming debate.


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